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Mar 3, 2016
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Nebraska, USA
Hey all,

I'm working on a ninja baseball batman conversion from major title 2 and I'm running into 2 issues-
The game crashes (black screen) when I coin up with either the slot or service button
The game freezes at the ram/rom check when I change dip settings.

I've verified all my roms
Dip settings are currently exactly as detailed in this thread for a stock NBB

Any help would be appreciated!
More troubleshooting -
Reset jumpers and replaced original roms, major title 2 still working as intended
Placed patched roms back and swapped only jumpers J8 to 4M and J16 to 4S

Issue persists
Current jumpers-
J1 - open
J2 - 16K (per trace on underside)
J3 - B

J1 - S
J2 - OT
J3 - 4.8M
J4 - OT
J5 - OT
J6 - A
J7 - OT
J8 - 4M
J9 - OT
J10 - 512
J11 - 64K
J12 - OT
J13 - OT
J14 - OT
J15 - OT
J16 - 4S
J17 - Open
J18 - OT
J19 - 2(middle)
J20 - 2S
J21 - 8M
J22 - 4.8M
J23 - OT
J24 OT
I don't know how to do this conversion, but I have one that has been done. Can I help with some pictures?
That would probably help; but I'm suspecting a rom issue.
I went through and swapped each jumper one by one, but each change made things worse
Hi. You ever get this working? I’m thinking about doing a conversion as well.
I bought my Ninja Baseball Batman (jp vers) from Fujita in 2005. It might probably be a factory conversion by Irem from another game rom board since it has the seal of the game on the rom board and not on the mother board. Plus many bridge wires on the rom board.
I ain’t got much knowledge about the different M92 rom boards but if a picture of mine could help to compare with your Major Tilte 2 and see if those bridges could help or not leave me your email adress in PM 😉