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Aug 1, 2018
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I've been batting this (very simple) idea around in my head for bit to provide more functionality to the PCB enclosures I design.

Essentially, the concept is a very compact, simple JAMMA adapter with multiple 5v and 12v headers. I'd like to integrate this into my enclosure designs as a cleaner solution to providing additional cooling, including chip-specific and cross flow.

This would be my first project like this, and is a bit out of my wheelhouse.

Before starting, my main questions are:
  1. Does something like this already exist? I've looked and found nothing.
  2. If not, is there a reason? EG, is this an unsuitable place to tap power for fans or other peripherals (lights, DC pump, etc.)
If this seems like a suitable way to do this, long term I'd like to be able to expand functionality as needed for individual boards (EG, negatron and other features commonly available on existing JAMMA adapters).

The rough idea:

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When you say enclosure, do you mean you are making cabs / cab-like things?

Cause I mean... just tap the 5v/12v directly from the PSU in that case. You can have some separate add on board if you want connected there.

Putting it as a jamma adapter will make it pretty awkward to handle when swapping games, since you'll have a bunch of extra cables coming into the connector for the game
I'm talking about PCB Enclosures like this:

The idea is to make it a permanent addition that stays with the PCB, not the cabinet. This would allow me to design in as much board-specific cooling as I want, without having to modify the board to tap for power. Additionally, it would act as a JAMMA edge protector for the original PCB.

Integrating it is a matter of overall convenience/cleanness -- simply plug the board into your cab like normal, and everything is good to go (regardless of your cabinets setup or wiring).

Hopefully that makes more sense.
Yes, something like that but with the ability to add more headers. I suppose I could daisy chain the fans?