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Sep 16, 2015
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Yokosuka, Japan
Printed Plexiglass Overlays are a great way to ditch standard paper artwork that is susceptible to moisture, dust being trapped between the plexi and the actual artwork, and a loss of vibrancy over time. I have been offering this service for about 6 years now, based on demand, and everyone has been more than satisfied with the way their Fight Stick builds pop when swapping artwork out with a printed plexi overlay.

What is Printed Plexi?​

  • Artwork is reverse printed to the plexi. Meaning it’s printed on the back side (under printed) of the plexi glass, directly to it. The art and plexi is a single unit. this isn’t a vinyl sticker applied to the back of the plexi.
  • The lack of paper prevents ink from being absorbed into the printing surface so its a more vibrant print.
  • The piece is a single unit so install is easier and the artwork can’t slide around creating alignment issues or possible tears.
  • Prints are done on large 4′ x 8′ sheets and then laser cut to final dimension.

Plexi Details:​

  • All printed plexi will be 1.5mm thick (1/16″ thick).
Current Run ends: JANUARY 15, 2023. Ships about two weeks later.

New reduced price of $44.95 for any of the panels and fight sticks I offer or have offered in the past. If you have a template or even artwork that you want printed I can accommodate, but price will be based on the size. Minimum charge is $44.95 though (just in case you have some of those smaller pieces).

If you consider the cost of a cut plexi ($15) and the cost of quality printed artwork on paper ($20) - the difference in price isn't significant considering the premium product that a printed plexi is as compared to to the individual pieces.

Link for ordering: https://jasenscustomsarchive.com/product/printed-plexi-overlays/