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Damn! I totally forgot about this thread!

I'm still interested in x3 v1.1 do you still have some?
I did ;). Just posting here just in case he sees this first. Thanks for your help!
Version 1.2, now in production.

--Added Midway H1 support

For those of you who own cabs like:

Killer Instinct 1-2
Mortal Kombat 2-4
War Gods

You can now plug your kick harness directly into the Namco kick adapter. Units will be available around July 13th.
Currently need one for my fighting layer PCB.. pls help
When will the JNX Namco to cps2 adapter be back in stock
I’d be interested in one of these. Are they still for sale?
I have a few in stock but I have more coming in if anyone needs any.
I could really use one of these for my Soul Calibur System 12 PCB. Sending you a PM
How do I order one of these namco connectors thru the JNX website?