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Aug 9, 2019
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Here comes the time to sell my KI board I modded to play both KI1 and KI 2.
This is a unique item, a very high quality build with almost invisible mod and OEM look.
The PCB is protected by a custom acrylic case, perfect for being consolized with a supergun or displayed in your collection.
The game can be selected from a nicely integrated switch hidden on the side of the board, held by a properly tailored 3D printed housing.
The case is equipped with a dead silent 60mm fan to keep the CPU cool during all your long gaming sessions !

You won't find a cleaner build !

Both games have been tested and are perfectly working. The board will be tested again and a video will be sent to the buyer just before packing and shipping.
Shipping methods will be -trusted carriers only-, I'm not willing to send it with a cheap service because arcade boards are very fragile.
I will carefully pack the item in a huge box, with several layers of packing materials of different density to best dampen the parcel from any shock it may take during transit, but I could not be held responsible in case of loss or damage, and therefore I recommend to take the additional shipping insurance.
Thanks for understanding !

I offer with the board a CPS2 kick harness to get the 6 buttons on your Capcom CPS2 cabinet.
I could build on demand a Supergun kick harness to get 6 buttons on the jamma pins 25, 26, 27, c, d, e.

Important info: no damage was done to the original PCB by doing this mod.

This item comes from a smoke free, pet free house.

I'm asking €1600 (around $1600) + shipping.
This item is for sale on several forums/platforms, priority is given to local and EU buyers, but I am also willing to sell it overseas.



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Does this have the CHIEF THUNDER EDITION pcb with it? :D :D

Very cool project and CLEEEEEEAN. Very cool. Way outta my wallet size, but GLWTS!!!
@HornheaDD Thanks 😉
I was doing the mod one year ago :


This was the first attempt to make the "ki dual board project" reality, and it was a huge success (thanks to DogP of course, and its work to patch the code).
I tried to make the final product as clean as possible with tiny, almost invisible, wires.
No extra PCB, I prefer to keep the original look of the board 😊

I think my built inspired a few other modders on this forum 😅
Does this have the CHIEF THUNDER EDITION pcb with it? :D :D

Very cool project and CLEEEEEEAN. Very cool. Way outta my wallet size, but GLWTS!!!
now I'm curious. What is Chief thunder edition?