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Feb 21, 2023
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I imagine this one has been done to death - but does anyone have a good recommendation for a suitable replacement for a Naomi cabinet? I am aware such a large display in 4:3 or 5:4 is next to impossible.
Where are you based? Someone on ukvac is asking for a valuation on a quad sync crt. Afaik there isn’t really a decent lcd replacement. The lg dual up is likely to cost you more than a nanao 2932. If you can’t find an arcade monitor I’d look at decasing a consumer crt.
Thanks, I'm in the UK - I'll check over there now. What I'm seeing seems to be the Sanwa screen isn't worth seeking out, fairly poor quality and not so reliable - but if anyone can confirm that, that would be good!
The sanwa screens don’t have such a good reputation. I believe they are another one where you can’t get replacement flybacks anymore. I’ve not seen one in person though.
I couldn't seem to find the post.

I have for the moment got hold of an ASUS 27" gaming monitor with VGA - will advise on the results. First impressions are it looks very good!