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@Darksoft Well said sir, and a happy holiday season to all of you!

No matter what version of the holiday season you celebrate, go take the time to do something selfless for someone....and extend a bit of that goodwill this world so desperately needs right now.

Blessings and growth to all of you, as we sail into the new year!
Merry Christmas and happy holidays everyone! Thank you AP fam for being such a welcoming and helpful community. My participation in this hobby has been enhanced greatly by the members and knowledge here (including my new found multi-love!) and I look forward to what the new year brings!
Merry Christmas to everybody here.
I raise a glass to cheers you all.
Thank you for all the information you provide, projects you pursue, unique items you sell, and the helpful comments.
to a happy, safe, and secure 2023 for all.
Git Krunk.
Merry Christmas @Darksoft, thanks to you, @Mitsurugi-w and the team for your awesome kits.

We were enjoying the DS multi on Christmas eve - thanks for making that possible!