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Jun 12, 2015
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The purpose of this CD is to help those people who own original, battery powered NoCD setups to reflash their SIMMs if one goes corrupt. The problem with a NoCD security cart is that it does not allow you to load a game to the pcb. You can use this CD in conjunction with a SuperBIOS cart to rewrite SIMMs. It is also convenient for those of you who have a working NoCD cart but no pcb set up for the cart to work on because you had no CD cart available to write the game.

Please follow the instructions on the CD to load the proper SIMMs for the game you would like to fix. It is free to download! Just burn it to a CD.

Here is the download link:


And a video!:
Are you able to re-upload this? The mega link is down/was removed.
This might be a stupid question but - do Nocd carts require a battery? is the hardware any different from regular carts?
I think you are mixing things here. The battery inside the cartridge is ALWAYS required if you use an original cart. If you have a cart with my BIOS then you dont need it and with my BIOS that happens regardless of if you have a NOCD or CD version.

If you have a original, battery powered NoCD setups to reflash their SIMMs if one goes corrupt you can't reflash it back *panic*, so for that reason we created this CD that works on a CD CPS3 (yes you need to do it with a CD Cart or one with my BIOS and a CD Drive and it allows to rewrite only one SIMM with the file that you want and take it back to your NOCD setup later.
This CD allows you to use a SuperBIOS cart to load all of the simms for a game at the same time. You can write a single simm with some work but it's easier to write them all.

This writes the encrypted data so afterwards you put your live NoCD cart back in and play. :) It's more for the collectors that like original battery-powered carts.
sorry I'm new to this but can i just buy the CD?
feel free to delete if this question is not allowed