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Jun 12, 2015
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I'm happy to announce the new Multi JVS 1.0!!! It's a brand new JVS PCB that supports the usual pinout that you can find in most SEGA cabinets and in addition to that 2x NEOGEO Pads.

It's fully compliant with JVS and it even has a function to Identify itself with whatever ID we would like.
This time is a collaboration with @winteriscoming. The software is his and the PCB is mine.

@Mitsurugi-w already tested it and will shoot a video about it soon.
@Derick2k will be getting also one as a thanks for his unconditional and continuous support to us and to this community. :thumbsup:

Update Nov 17th 2020
I tried with many JVS games from Naomi, Lindbergh, Ringedge 1 and 2 and it works great.
It supports both analog and digital inputs and has the standard 26 pin input for analog controls. It supports up to 6 channels of Analog inputs, which can be configured in a very simple way.

First batch of 30 units is ready. PM if you want one. Price is 120 EUR + 8 EUR shipping. The capabilities of thie JVS are very wide as it can be used to play almost any game that uses a JVS protocol. On the top of that, as you can see it has 2xDB15 connectors so you can plug directly NEOGEO Joysticks! You can play all the Naomi, Lindbergh and newer Joystick games with your favourite Neogeo compatible joystick/pad.

Make sure that you read the instructions here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/hzgbqweo5rr95by/Instructions_MultiJVS_v1.pdf/file


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I love it! I’m in.

And well deserved to @Derick2k but you KNOW he’s gonna want at least TWO!!
I will most likely want two if it supports remapping of inputs and sequential shift conversion, ie wmmt3dx in a Sega driving cab but I'll shut up about that now :whistling: will wait for details :thumbsup:
This is great! I already have 2 mega jvs by @winteriscoming set up in my WMMT2 cabs and I love it. NeoGeo ports on it are a great idea. I definitely need this too. Sign me up for 1.....maybe 2 depending on price. Thanks
I'm constantly humbled by my ignorance.

I thought I/O was supposed to interface jamma to JVS?

I don't see an edge connector.

I would love a noob breakdown of this product.

I just received my Ring Edge 2. Please do tell..

Also I would like one because you made it.
@hoagtech JVS can exist without jamma involved at all.

A lot of jvs io do indeed have a JAMMA edge to make them compatible with a larger variety of cabinets, but for cabs wired jvs to begin with there's no need for that edge connector.

If you look up pics of the ios in Vewlix cabs for example you'll see they don't have a JAMMA connector.
This looks really cool, If it works with ringedge I take it type 3 i/o is supported? Is this going to be exclusively for fighting games or will driving games also be supported?
I’m also curious how the community might end up using new product. Brainstorming here:

  • Replace a broken JVS IO board in your cabinet
  • Replace a perfectly working JVS IO to get more compatibility/flexibility
  • Use it as the heart of a new cabinet build
  • Assemble a JVS supergun
  • Consolize a JVS game