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May 6, 2017
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I wanted to document my Chewlix cabinet project that'll start as soon as it comes in next month.

Right now, making a list of the parts I need to have in place on Day 1 to get PS4 up and running on there, a scaled jamma setup will be a longer term add, but a definite, as I have a large collection of Jamma PCBs.

Samsung 1080p panel
Chamma - 20 pin adapters for brook boards
Tate Brackets
Sanwa sticks/buttons

Day 1 necessary to have on hand:
Australian to US power adapters (Wired for US, but it has australian sockets for some reason. recommended by seller, I'll probably change all that out but not the first day)
2x brook boards
2x Octagonal Sanwa gates
HDMI Audio extractor
PS4 / cables
Smart plug for cabinet
Cable ties, connectors, wire for buttons 7/8

MVC art
Cabinet labels
Coin label magnet
Magnetic tape

Later addons:
Switch dock and psu
Control panel for home buttons and volume
minigun supergun kit
connectors for supergun power
Replace power to conform fully to US plugs
Retrotink 2x or OSSC (I have both on hand to test with for the Jamma setup)

My main wonder right now is, Brook Universal or the PS/PC board? The universal is almost 2x as much, but I feel like that'll just allow me to throw whatever I want in there with no issues.

Is there a general consensus on that?
Is there a general consensus on that?
Biggest plus to the Universal is it does Nintendo Switch. If you don't need Switch, you can probably get by just fine without the UFB as Windows now happily accepts PS4 controllers.
Any good luck? I'm looking for ways to share the arcade stick and monitor with PS4 and JAMMA boards.