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I open Franco23444's YouTube video every day to see if he has any updates, and I am looking forward to your updates :D:D:D:D
Important update from me and my team:
Hi everyone, for those who have been very patient lately with any progress on this project, thank you a lot! We have been dealing with our own personal stuff lately which has prevented us from getting together lately. Most of you seem to also not understand that we have personal responsibilities to deal with.

That being said, we might have to postpone the project for a bit, not sure for how long but hopefully not by the end of this month. If we keep seeing more inconvenient and/or rude stuff show up on this thread, I will ask the mods to step in and lock this thread. Once again, thank you everyone who’s been following the project, your patience, and please excuse the delays.
No problem, Franco. I'm looking forward to playing the emulator, but I'm willing to wait. Thank you for making Namco System 3xx emulation a reality.
Some Tekken Tag unlimited i say but i hope tekken 6 may emulate someday.... thanks who work this kind of ARCADE.. hope someday will release some more......
Happy viewing
First of all, how did you even come across this in the first place? The build that you are using is coming from Franco and the rest of the team, and it's not meant to be released to the public yet. And that's not to mention the many games/dumps that you are running on this emulator are coming from the wonderful people on the team also. You should be ashamed posting this on the Arcade Projects without any respect or what they do for all of us.

Second, I said this before, and I'll say it again, we DON'T know when this rpcs3 fork is going to be released. But if there are people out there distributing this build you are using right now to anyone without the consent of the team (which they will NEVER authorise in the first place), then it's only gonna anger them even more, and delay the project even more, possibly considering never going to release this if ever.

Think about what you have done, and released to the public cause there are some people on this forum that are not grateful for the work they put in.
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