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Jun 12, 2015
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MS9 Series Monitor Sharpness Improvement Mod Kit --- $10

This kit has all of the parts you need to apply the MS9 Sharpness Mod kit to your Monitor Chassis. Can be applied to any MS9 Monitor. All will show a sharper image but certain revisions of the chassis will garner more dramatic results. This is a necessary Mod if you wish to do the other VGA/32khz mod also.

The Mod is outlined here:


And here:





  • MS9 Mod Instructions.pdf
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Thanks for making this.

To clarify I don’t see any evidence that results differ from revision to revision at all. I’d instead expect results to vary by tube condition, B+ level, SCREEN level setting (as described in my guide) and other natural factors.
Thank you for your awesome explanation on how this mod works!

I only mentioned that because I've seen some others mention a difference based on revision and didnt want anyone to be surprised or disappointed. Like you say there are MANY factors that influence image quality from one monitor to another.
Can someone please download the instructions attached to the first post and proof-read? Are they clear enough, etc.?
This is a good thing you have done, every MS9 deserves this awesome mod and $10 is a great price!

I have downloaded the instructions and they seem very clear to me - I have some spare MS9 chassis that are easily accessible for photos but it will be after Christmas until I can snap the pics.

I hope that the success of this project inspires you to release a similar kit for the 31k/VGA mod
Sure. Send me a PM and I'll get you sorted.