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Black IcE

Jul 21, 2015
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Do you still do the Naomi DIMM board modification with CF reader ? I have been interesting to getting that done to mine and seems like a simpler solution then buying a netdimm and doing a netboot every time I wanted to play a game. What is the current cost ?
So I've been wanting to order a couple of CF kits and send in a couple of Dimm board for conversion as this is how I want to run Typing of the Dead once the translation is done.

However, it's my understanding that to write a game image to a CF card you need the serial number(?), which can only be obtained when using an IDE based CF adapter.

if I ordered one or two of these kits and a few CF cards would you be able to get me the serial number so that I could format the images and write them with a normal USB adapter or would that not work?
When I get a batch of CF cards I sit down at my old PC with an IDE cf kit and pull all of the security keys from the cards and write it down on the card. That way when I sell a card to someone they can rewrite it using the CFFlash program that AMB sells if the chose to do so. After I have the code for each card I just write it using a usb CF reader. I can pull the codes for your cards if you want me to.