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Jun 1, 2023
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After more than one year of wasting time after this process, I want to express my negative feedback to @Raph_friend for the purchase of his USB2DB15.

The situation in short is that he got my money (101$) and I haven't received any item. I asked for a refund and he is not been answering me for more than one month so far.

2023/06/10 Order and payment made. I paid 69+33(shipping)$. Before making the order he told me that the estimated shipping date was the end of June 2023.

2023/11/13 Order shipped (thank god!). Just a couple of days before this date, I was asking for a refund... then I said "ok, let's support this arcade project and wait a bit more".

2023/11/20 Item received (after paying 10€ of customs fee) and tested straight forward. It didn't work at all with my Xbox One and Series X controllers and I wrote to him the same day asking for a refund. He denied my refund request, asking me to send back the item to repair it and send it back again. Stupidly, after waiting months for a faulty item, I accept his proposal.

2023/12/02 I shipped him the faulty item paying 18€.

2024/02/14 Finally, he received the item and he said that it was already fixed (?) Can you believe this? I don't.

2024/02/27 He sent me a video showing a random USB2DB15 working with Xbox controllers.. So I asked what were his intentions: send me the item back or my money back, because, you know, it's already passed a lot of time....

2024/03/13 ..no answers from him.. So I sent a further text... asking what's going on and my money back.

2024/03/19 He showed up after about one month of my last text asking if my address was still the same. I confirmed it and I said to him that I didn't wanna waste other time, to keep it and send me my money back. No answer was received.

2024/03/24 He came back to me with a tracking number.

2024/05/02 I got a notification from AnPost (Irish Post) that the item was sent back to the sender for "sender or Brazilian post mistake".
He replied me he would ship me again a new item from the US.
I said to understand that it was for almost one year that I was getting just headaches from this story and it was time to close this business and refunding my money back.

So far. I haven't got any answer, any item, or any of my money back.
I hope my story will be useful to the other members of our community.

@Raph_friend please, take your responsibilities and give me my money back.
First of all, I am very sorry that all this is happening.
The USB2DB15 is an Open Source project aimed at helping the retro arcade community so that they can play our beloved old games more comfortably with newer controllers.
When I started selling the USB2DB15, it was at the request of the community itself, as some do not have time to assemble their own board.
In these almost 4 years of the project, around 500 units have been sold and shipped worldwide (excluding batch 9, which is still being finalized), and, obviously, some problems have occurred and have been solved.
From the beginning, I made it clear that these sales of USB2DB15 are not for commercial purposes, but rather to raise funds so that the project can continue moving forward with all kinds of support and updates, which are even happening right now.
In your specific case, LittleMegaGamer, I made it clear that I could not send a refund, but I would send you a new or repaired product, which I did, but the customs officers in your country, Ireland, denied the entry of a simple package, simply because it came from Brazil, while the same package from the USA arrived without any problems, right?
What I proposed was: As soon as I send BATCH 9 for distribution in the USA, your unit would be sent, and that is still what will happen.
The unit I sent to Ireland is still stuck in the UK and I don't know when it will return to Brazil, but even if it never returns, I will send your new and working unit. Likewise, I will continue to provide any kind of support, as I have always done with everyone interested in my projects, donors or not.

I hope this is clear, and if you have any questions, I will answer here for you and anyone else who has any doubts.
Here the fact is that it's been more than one year since my purchase from you, I have charged 101$ + 10€ + 18€ and I got nothing. There are no excuses or apologies for that.

After that, if we wanna waste our time touching other points I could add more:
1) Just to refresh your memory, you offered me a refund in November 2023, when I complained about the insane delay... and, as I said above, I decided to wait a little more for it. So, as you offered the refund in the past, I don't see any reason why you shouldn't offer the refund now, after this crazy long process.
2) You are willing to clear all the doubts now, but you ignored me in our chat for more than one month. There are no doubts here, but just the fact mentioned above.
2) Whatever is the purpose of your project, when you sell something for money it is not charity, and you need to take responsibility for it.
3) Please, leave the Post argument away from this, we have more than 30000 Brazilians living just in Dublin, so I think AnPost deals with postage coming from Brazil quite often, they know how to do their job, and if they have found a mistake in your shipping that's it.
4) I asked for a refund a good bit before your second shipping, after being ignored for weeks in our chat you came out with a tracking number.

You are still in time, let's close this business and give me my money back.
At the time I said that a refund was possible, right now, it's not possible.

The same way I sent to Ireland, I sent to UK, and it was all ok, there's no mistake.

You can keep the negative feedback and i still will send your adapter on next batch 9 via US distribution.