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@Frank_fjs just curious how are the snes2neogeo and genesis2neogeo controller adapters coming along?
Getting there slowly. Trying to knock together as many as I can in my free time. Most of the parts only recently arrived. Also adding a small amount of Saturn adapters to be available.

Right on man. Take your time and ill be looking forward to acquiring. Thanks for the update :thumbsup:
I’ll take a Saturn adapter too!
2x - MD2NEO for me please!

Also, I am ok with DIY if it helps getting it to me faster.

EDIT: Actually, cancel this request. Will go with the Saturn2Neo option instead.
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I'll assemble a small run this weekend for @rtw and @arcadeqc and someone else whom private messaged me. I'll PM you all within the next few days.
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@Frank_fjs, is this open source or can I buy/download a copy of the atmega firmware? I'm not looking to sell anything but just burn my own chips and build my own adapter for two controllers.

These aren't open sourced, sorry.
Any updates on when these might be available ? :)
Good stuff!

I'll try 2SNES, 2MD and 2Saturn as soon available.

Let me know.