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Is this game complete or still in beta?

I've read through the 5 pages and really have no idea. It's possible I missed something but there seemed to be a steady build up and then a big time jump. As if the conversation shifted elsewhere and then back here again.
It's very complete and carts were shipped @GeorgeSpinner

I own #17.
I've been kicking around trading it up.


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Is this still available for purchase (the mvs physical version)?
The final ROM was never made available though right?
I don't believe so unless it was dumped.
I know the Beta 2 was around and is obtainable/running on flash carts.
There was discussion of a final free rom being released, but it's been crickets since it's release. (late 2020)
Last activity I see about the game on facebook are in the below screenshots.

Went ahead and emailed the creator through the official site's contact page to see if there's an update on the final rom being released.

Screenshot 1:

neotris fb Screenshot 2023-08-05 075521.png

Screenshot 2:

neotris fb Screenshot 2023-08-05 075744.png
Got a response. Hopefully the not for sale final rom will be available next month.

Thank you for your interest in Neotris.

Yes I plan to release a free ROM of Neotris. But I am very busy now with our new project Gladmort and I didn't have time to manage it.

I hope I can do it in september. I just have to remove some minor options and add a message "free version not for sale" in the game.

I would pay for a rom to put on my darksoft cart and I would also pay for the 4p adapter. Maybe they could pass them on to someone who can make it happen?