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Just a correction, the waits been over a year now, not months. Not the only thing we've been waiting on though hey ;)

Those of us in AU/NZ who have been patiently waiting, is Aje still going to contact us when our time comes?
Only @aje_fr can answer that.

But, I will say that I completely agree with his choice of using a distributor. This frees up his time to produce more products instead of dealing with payments, packaging, logistics, customer support, etc...

I think a good compromise would be to give priority to those on the waitlist to get their multis; a discount on the price difference would be great, but there are added costs that the distributor incurs and there also has to be some type of tiny profit to compensate for their time. But with with a local distributor you have some added value as well.

I say lets wait for Aje to get a chance to chime in when he can on this. Again, my vote is for him to have distributors and honor the waitlist through them. I would rather pay a little extra, have a local distributor to bitch to if something goes wrong with my order, and free up Aje's time to create more products. I still want a PGM, as well as a Naomi multi cart solution.
hmmm... i wanted to buy one of these, but it looks like they are sold out

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