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Jun 12, 2015
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New CPSIII Ultra Simms !!! With 8x the capacity of a regular SIMM

CPSIII Ultra_SIMM_2.jpeg

To run a CPS-3 setup with the UltraSIMMs you require two other pieces of hardware:
• A Working CPS-3 Motherboard (doesn’t matter what region, or game)
• A UltraBIOS cart. It's basically a regular cart that has the processor replaced with a regular SH2 and has the UltraBIOS in the flash (see attached). Reproduction carts have the right SH2, so you just need to write the new file to the BIOS.

The fastest method of programming the UltraSIMMs is with a ProMan (also known as TL86Plus) programmer.

See video below:

Instructions can be downloaded HERE: https://mega.nz/file/1RUnSC7I#iw8af8UNEhUS7khpxzrew2i5YQX1LaAkbVKhcp8Ky8I
Thanks to @djsheep

If you are programming the UltraSIMMs yourself, firstly, download the programmer software from this link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/rv7zvl71n422yr6/TL86PLUSDProManDNandpro_v062.rar/file
If your SIMM is not recognized properly by your Proman, try upgrading the firmware. The program and the firmware are available in the previous link with v062.

UPDATE v063 of the software! https://www.mediafire.com/file/gs7z24ozjik250w/HS_063_D_20200625_Release.7z/file

BIOS can be downloaded here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/j037lkbsm7e3upk/ULTRABIOS_CD+NOCD_For_Custom_and_Standard_SH2.7z/file
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But the SCSCI2SD makes the CD part so painless and reliable why even want it? I see no advantage to not having a CD drive.
Because then you wouldn't have to have a $75 SCSI2SD connected to it freeing it for actual use? Having the CDROM / SCSI2SD connected at all times is just one of the silliest requirements I can think of. It does nothing. My CPS3 motherboard is a 3S. It will always be a 3S.

Bro, you mean like this?

This had to be a concerted effort by you two.
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I know this isn’t the list, but if it was the list, I’d like to be on the list :)

Assuming the need for SIMMS and SCSI2SD soon to be phased out :)
@Darksoft ADD ME TO THE LIST!!!
tech i am 2nd!!!!
thats right after djsheep!!!!

how much!!!!

Please post here when you open the thread - I don't always see the new threads, but am subscribed to this one! :)

With ALL the supported games already contained/written on some large ass ROMs (read only, not flashable to protect against corruption) able to bank switch at load.
Thus no one would ever "write" or have need to write a CPS3 game ever again
Bro, you mean like this?
View attachment 41905
When can I try these out? :D

Pairing this with a HDMI kit
@Frank_fjs Maybe an oled selector is in order??
and a few other bits you can sweetly consolise a CPS3 setup.
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This seems awesome. If I'm understanding it right, these would replace the existing CPS3 SIMS and an updated BIOS would then allow you to instantly switch between games without having to reload, etc.? If that's correct, WOW!
Code suggestion from someone who does not know how coding work or if there is much room left. Is it possible to make make it a no cd setup but enable the cd function with a button combo?
This is more complicated than expected and requires a big rework of the BIOS code
I'm 100% sure its going to be worth all the effort involved, as it will finally free us from a lengthy rewrite process that honestly detracts from the over all enjoyment of it being a multi.
I also love that with CPS2 (new Champion Edition revision) and now CPS3 (also going to use the CE moniker?) you are continuing to evolve the designs/make improvements based on use/feedback. :thumbup:

The prices or original hardware may have gone crazy, but projects like this one convince me (a long time arcade fan) that we are currently living in the most exciting moments in the history of the hobby thus far.
Waking up in the morning and reading the news/advancements posted here is like Christmas, every single day! :D
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