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Two cabs is cheaper and easier than a rotate cab. That being said, I rotate my E2 like all the time, no idea how others are not doing it more!
Round-about suggestion here, but look to get a cab with a 25/26” monitor - Aero City, Pony MKIII, Madonna (good luck), Q25 (even more good luck), etc.

One person can easily rotate those and you’ll love the smaller footprint when moving the cab itself around (major headache saver).

I’ll also throw my name on the “rotate mechanism cabs are overrated” list because I don’t have one and have never had a chance to buy one 😛

Also, I will suggest, like others have also said, it will probably cost a good amount less to get something like two Astros/New Astros with Nanao MS9s and have one TATE and one YOKO. Not only are they generally morereliable/less finicky cabs with good layouts of parts/room for maintenance and adjustments, but they have the most abundant amount of parts available. If this will be your first candy cab(s), it’s the best way to get acclimated.

FWIW - I’ve rotated the monitor in my NAC multiple times. It’s not the quickest process, but with a little patience and powerful squared shoulders, one person can make it work.

EDIT: Stole this from @themisterfalcon - I feel like this is an appropriate thread for it

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I have them with rotation but never rotate. just buy two Astros and you are good.