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Jun 12, 2015
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Price: $25

This allows you to use OEM Saturn controllers on a Supergun with DB15 controller ports.

I found a bunch of these blanks that I had printed up a few years ago but never got around to building so I decided to go ahead and assemble them. These are the original Frank_fjs version 1.6 adapters and not the newer more fancy ones designed by @Arthrimus . These adapters don't have button reassignment but if your supergun does this already (such as the HAS) then it's no big deal. These are set up to use the six buttons like Street Fighter format but also has three switches to swap the top and bottom rows.

Currently this has an advantage over the Arthrimus version because the chip that version uses is not in stock anywhere and won't be for a long time.

THESE ADAPTERS ONLY WORK WITH OEM SEGA CONTROLLERS. (except analog Nights controller) This does not work on modern repro controllers.

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