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I'm pretty sure you cant add roms to King of Air 1.
Also,Daioujou will not run on any Pandoras Box properly.
Esprade will work.
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Just get Pi and rgb-pi and forget about KOA or Pandora and its sub-par emulation/resolution support.
All those boxes don't run the games native res and even on 15k output used to be 384x244 all the time if i recall with crap scaling on a 15K monitor.

Rgb-pi setup with a decent Pi (3B) will get you up to PGM (DDPDOJ/Espgaluda 1 ) emulation just fine, CV1000 is a stretch, even on Pi4 it just needs a bit more power.
And you can add all the stuff you want to such a setup :)
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Humm some Pandora's Jamma work on CRT 15k. look 3A game Pandora you should find that
Fixed 384x244 resolution for all games is not proper 15k support my friend.
I hacked this 3a thing years ago, went rgb-pi solhtion and never looked back.