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Mar 6, 2020
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Hey folks,

just wanna log this and need some help. I'll add pics later!

I recently had this cart in the mail and when I fire it up it boots fine and even displays the license text and everything. After that the screen stays black and the game freezes in black screen.

Rom Board test shows that IC5/6 IC7/8 and IC13 are bad. Rest is good!

IC5/6 is one (MPR-23506) and IC7/8 is also one (MPR-23507). IC13/14 is MPR-23510. They are marked on the board like this, hence the weird format.

What I've done so far is probing them for continuity, resoldering and even replaced to buffers known as IC24 and IC25 (LVCH16245A).

No change in the bad rom department though. What I now wanted to do is buying flash memory and replace the 3 dead MPRs.

But I have absolutely no idea what can be used as equivalent.

I have seen the "Naomi Cart Repair to Ikaruga" Thread but the memory used there has a different format.

Any suggestions?