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Apr 8, 2022
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Hey peeps, got a Return of the Jedi which just constantly causes me grief. had the pcb repaired numberous times, guy has shown we it working without issue on this bench but once it goes back into the cab its a total pain in the butt and needs repair again. I'm considering removing the Atari PSU and putting in something new/more modern and just doing a complete re-wire - but unsure what power supply i could use in it? Does anyone have any suggestions on what might work? Is there a way to put a new PSU in so that the ARII is not required, or no matter what - is the ARII required?
I've worked on my friend's previously problematic ROTJ cabinet with him. It kept having power issues and PCB issues. The three major things that we changed to fix it:
- Fixed the burned-up edge connector on the PCB itself. Using copper tape and solder. This game (and most Atari games) is notorious for this.
- Re-pinned the edge connector harness. Wasn't too hard, just tedious. This is pretty critical.
- Rebuilt the fuse block and power supply. Swapping out the old fuse block with a new one reduces resistance in power connections. Also opening up the power supply and checking that there are no loose connections helps as well.

Changing out your power supply may not solve your problem, as it could be the harness connection to the PCB.