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I'm in for the trainer as well. It never hurts to have extra features. Robocop 2 enhanced rom set GO!
Finally got a programmer, an xgecu t48. Got an m72 set together with it. Need to get more roms now, but 99% set for this :)
Sorry for the delay. Time is running fast and work and other real life things did delay the expected preview:(. But I will have a day off on Friday. I still have some more ideas I want to include in the patch, but I decided to wait with them and save them for a later release, so a "preview" version can be ready for a release on Saturday....^^
Robocop 2 "Enhanced" (Patch #1):

Some of the changes included in this patch:

The two levels from the Japanese version 0.11, Free Play dipswitch, A Trainer. and a language switch. (English/Japanese)
The highscores have been increased by a factor of 10... (10000 ->100000 etc...)

...and many small changes like spelling correction. (CRASSIFIED) for example.
(and other things I might have forgotten)

I used xDelta Patcher to create the rom patches. (Hopefully did I not make any misstakes)

The modified Dipswitches are following:
DipSw 1:3-1:6: ALL ON: Free Play. Other combinations: x Coin / x Credits. (Same as original)
DipSw 1:8 (Region/Language) ON: English / OFF: Japanese
DipSw 3:8 (Trainer) ON: Trainer Enabled OFF: Trainer Disabled

Using the trainer will disqualify for highscore entry. (Cheaters beware 8) )

In the .zip archive are xdelta patches for Japan 0.11 and US 0.10. The filenames are based on the ones in Mame.

Let me know if you find any glitches or bugs. And I will try to fix them for the next release...

Don't forget to backup your original eproms before burning the new ones.8|


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BTW: The expected checksums for the patched files are:

go-03-1.k1 (131072 Bytes) CRC32: 14bacb24
go-07-1.k3 (131072 Bytes) CRC32: 7d49d6c8
go-02-1.j1 (131072 Bytes) CRC32: 7aebba3a
go-06-1.j3 (131072 Bytes) CRC32: 6db77b33

The 4 other programroms are not needed to change, they are the same for Japan (0.11), Europe/Asia (0.10) and USA version (0.10).
This looks incredible Pythagoras, and just when I have a Robocop PCB on the way. Thank you.

Does anyone have any idea on a possible reason for cutting this awesome scene from the English releases? Two minutes of additional (free) play time? Murphy arm gore?

"Speak now or forever hold your peace"... I might add some ideas myself but not sure, yet.... :whistling:?(
I don't suppose you have added (or can add) the Secret Credits to the English set? Not that I'd ever earn them but the signatures and Cain graphic are a nice little reward.
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What are secret credits? And how does they work. Are that feature available to the arcade version?
(this is super rad!). I used to have one of each region around because I liked the cutscenes but I also liked the english lol
Oh I'm sorry, the link got messed up. I've fixed it now but it's this:


Ah, that one. Yes the secret credits is included. My patch are based on the Japanese 0.11 Version. The only thing that is transfered from 0.10 is the English text.
The only change I made to that feature is that it's not turned on/off by dipsw 3:8 (Used for turn on/off the Trainer, in my version)
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