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Oct 8, 2019
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Hi all. Some help please as to what this little extra PCB is for in the Lindbergh cabinet.


I’ve just restored the cabinet and about to turn everything on - but not sure about this last bit. There’s a couple of connectors that only reach this board - a female four pin and female five pin. See pic below. The five pin (looks hacked) was originally connected back right in the above picture but I’m wondering whether the other four pin connector which comes from CN7 (5v 5v GND GND) on the IO should go there and the five pin on the other connector on the board with five pins.


There’s also two loose connectors labelled 1p & 2p also in the top picture. Not sure where they go.

Lastly, the CP has all the connectors in place, but there’s another one I’m not sure why it’s there. See picture below. Thanks in advance.


Edit. Okay, well the RE2 Multi booted up and the machine is working it seems without any of those things plugged in.
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Thanks @bobbydilley. Good to know. Would you have any ideas where I’d get a wiring diagram for it? Would the 232 come out of the Lindbergh and go into the board and then a 422 out of the board into the reader?
Wiring diagram might be in the manual of a game that uses it. Looks up the Virtua Fighter 5 / Virtua Tennis 3 manuals as I think that'd have them in :)