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Oct 4, 2022
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León Spain
original sega sls ashtrays, they are new, two units, one of them has two light touches in the corners and the other one has a light rubbing inside. i have three ashtrays with the sega logo, i sell both ashtrays because i have too many.

The logo ashtray is an example from my sls but you will have to make the logo yourself or leave the ashtrays as they are from the factory.

25e per unit + shipping and handling for ap members.


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Any white ones or black with logo?
These are the last original ashtrays that Sega released, they do not have any logo, you can make logos but they are very expensive and it is called vinyl cutting that has to be done by a professional that is how the logos are put on the ashtrays, that or look for a sega sticker.

I have no white or black ashtrays with the sega logo for sale.

The only ashtrays with sega logo that I know of are replicas from gateninety or aliexpress then the more modern sls originals without logo and E-19 older ones with logo. It all depends on what you are looking for, I like more originality.

I can leave them for 20e each

Adri 😊✌️
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