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Please add me to the preorder list if still possible. I've been mulling it over all weekend and I think the Sentinel is the supergun that will best meet my needs!
I'd love to get on the list if I'm not already
I would also like to added to the list, looks exactly to what I was looking for.
If I can get added to the list, that would be great.

EDIT: Don't need one anymore, disregard.
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xodaraP, still got room for one more on that wait list?

Add me to the list of people that would like to be added to the list. :p
should be the same as the minigun/HAS.

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1p 2p 1p 2p 1p 2p

Doh just realized how old this post is
Decked out with 4 player hat, composite / s-video hat and plexi base (thanks to @djsheep).

If I wanted to add the 4P hat, how would I do so?
@arcadeprojectsrocks This supergun has already happened. On the first page there are files you can download to have the pcb made for you and a list of components needed. Some members on arcade projects sell some that are pre-made.
I've moved forward with the Minigun supergun and don't produce the Sentinel any more.