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Aug 11, 2015
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Been putting this off but it's time. While I'm sad to get rid of my first cab, I need the space.

I have an Astro City that's been languishing in my office now for over a year. It will need some work to get up and running (though hopefully not much) that I'm simply not willing to invest at the moment and is priced accordingly.

The Good:

- Cosmetically it's in better shape than anything you're going to find coming off a ship these days. There's a hairline crack in the frame above the control panel (visible in attached pictures, very common in Astros) and some scuffs on the side panels from moving it around in tight spaces. No unnecessary holes, no body damage and pretty clean overall (though it could use a scrubbing of the inside).
- Minimal burn on the monitor (MS9-29 recapped in 2021)
- Full set of working locks with key
- Marquee holder and repro SS0 Special artwork/move strip
- Repro 2L8 panel (MVS style layout) from Alberto populated with all Sanwa
- Will throw in a working MVS1FZ with a 161-in-1 if the buyer is interested

The Bad:

- Was wired with a HAPP PSU when I got ir and it finally gave out last year (couldn't maintain steady voltage). I started the process of replacing it (marked all of the wires, unplugged everything, bought a fresh new HAPP and actually have a Meanwell in the mail which I'll also include if it arrives) but it's been a hectic year and just never got back to it.
- Before the PSU gave out, I was having issues with the monitor. I was getting vertical collapse 5-10 minutes into gameplay. In talking to people, it sounds like this is related to the PSU but in the interest of full disclosure, it's possible there's also a monitor issue that needs to be addressed. I had previously had trouble with this monitor but got it recapped and it worked fine for a stretch before the PSU crapped the bed.

Price: $1,200 as is. Local pickup only, cash only in Raleigh, NC.

They obviously go for way more these days but I'm pricing it like a project cab to account for any potential work that might need to go in to it (and as punishment for being lazy and not doing it myself).

Not interested in trades but will entertain them if there's something particularly juicy on offer.

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Such a long drive from central IL and would make my non-working blastcities mad but very nice and glws!
PSU and vertical collapse are not likely to be related. It should just be feeding wall voltage AC to the chassis and it rectifies to DC and generates the voltages it needs. If there wasn’t enough AC voltage it wouldn’t have any deflection not just horizontal.
They are but I've seen a ton of them swapped for MS9s. Maybe OP can confirm via control board.
Not going to mark this as sold quite yet but I've got a couple of solid leads with someone potentially coming to get it over the weekend so assume this is accounted for. Will mark as sold once it's out the door.