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Feb 3, 2018
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Found some more boards to sell to help fund a new project that will be announced in a few days...
As always make an offer if price is too high. i will do video of the boards running on request if required.


Air duel irem m82 factory conversion £275
R type 2 irem M84 with serials £375
R type leo irem m92 with serials £575 sold
In the hunt irem m92 conversion £275 sold
Undercover cops m92 conversion £275
Tecmo cup 90 original £65
Tecmo cup 94 original £35
Premier soccer konami £50
Fantasy zone sega 16a (old repair) £250
Mad ball original £30
Fighters history data east £55
speed spin TCH original £25
Last fortress mitchell £35
Triple fun (japan) Sunsoft £35

2x sega STV motherboards £150 each
Space invaders DX taito £95
Wonder Boy sega system 2 £160
Choplifter sega system 2 £130
Namco system 10 motherboard £40


Arkanoid boot £30
R type 2 boot £120
Toki boot £60
EDF. boot £45
SF2 boot £40
Pocket gal boot £25
Gun dealer boot £25
Time pilot boot £40
Cobra command boot £40
battle lane vol 5 boot £35
Pang boot £25
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Pm, I am interested in more pcb boards ;) Good Games.
Yes, I also have OutZone in the jp version for sale :)
I wonder if i should buy air duel and flog one of my m72 with spare Tonma roms kit.🤔
I would like to buy the game Air Duel, but the pictures of the board are not available, it is a risk :(
The IREM stuff are from Hammy’s personal collection and they looks good , he even put a video on his youtube channel some time ago where he shows some of his IREM stuff .
Hopefully , good guys to buy . D!ks are not welcome or alowed ✌🏻
As someone who recently bought and paid more for an R-Type Leo PCB set, I can also confirm that this price is a bargain compared to the current market at large.

Just my $0.02.