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Shouldn't the payment page be secured? It doesn't show up as secure in my browser.

Ordered one and paid.
the shopping cart is https encrypted (at least at my side)
...ordered, Paypal etc. no problem except AFTER the transaction, when Paypal returns to the merchant website - then the page with crap/text.. a Refresh shows the order and payment accepted in the account details.
I had to try three times before it would finally take my payment, but I think it finally went through. Fingers crossed...
I wanted to hold this a little until I started taking orders on NEOGEO, but it doesnt make sense anymore as we have solved most of the problems with NeoGeo and presales will open also soon, so SALES FOR TAITO F3 are open NOW:
Will you release NeGeo card soon? If yes, I'll wait to order the 2 cards in one order.
And will you release CPS2 multi this way on this website, too?
ordered! Or at least i hope i did...only way it would work for me was to not translate it in the browser. Order history shows it :D