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Prepping for the arrival of my system. What is the bios password so I can start the multi installation? For some reason it's no jumping out at me

FYI: The site mods don't want any discussions of TTX3 hacking in the forums since the hardware is still officially supported by the manufacturer - which includes the BIOS password and Multi installation steps.

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so with the taito x3 multi i could get street fighter 3rd strike on it? how does it run?
3rd Strike runs under either MAME emulation or Nesica on the TTX - your choice. It’s fine as far as I can tell but I’m not a die-hard fighting game player. Getting six action buttons per player to recognize though could be a challenge-only five buttons will recognize on my FastIO board for some reason.
Good enough for the ultra casual player like me! But I dunno about it being accurate especially with the OG LCD.
I setup my ttx3 with joy2key to use brook fighting board. I noticed some lag and changed the setting in joy2key to max polling rate (make sure to do this). Once that was done I couldn't feel much difference between FastIO and brook fighting board.
Do you happen to have a picture of that setup? I mean the brook fighting board connected to your fastio and arcade stick? Thank you