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Mar 28, 2018
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Hello, I tried to revive a suicide Gaelco Thunder hoop 2 pcb with the file for Dallas from mame's rom, the whole process went well, the pcb boots and shows the coprocessor OK, but the enemies don't show up in their place. I have tried with another PCB that worked fine (I have removed the battery to kill it and did the process) and it gives exactly the same error, so the problem is with the rom file, since I have killed a World rally with the same method and It works perfect. I wanted to know if someone has managed to do the process correctly with another file or to know if it exists. I look forward to your replies, as now I have 2 pcbs that are not working well. Thank you so much.
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Thanks Caius, I make it and works fine.
You know the M CON values for tre other games, or the mode to know it?
If you read carefully the post on my blog you can figure out where to find the values for other games :)
I bought a Thunder hoop 2 some months ago and wasn't aware that they Suicide. Can you switch Batteries on those Boards if they currently still run or do you have to always desuicide them?