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still trying to figure out how to make this update suitable for a triforce type 1, doing this could be a gamechanger, think about it, it could run all triforce games. anyone onboard?
This firmware is only for Type 3. If you can find a firmware that supports CF cards for type 1 I'll be happy to help. It doesnt exist AFAIK.
Hello , What kind of games list are you able to use on Type 3 please , Triforce arcade game sonly or more ? like the Gamecube collection too .
I don't have a triforce anymore, but PM me all the info you have about what works and what not and I'll have a look.
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ok guys, as I promised here is a release for the French national Day. It's a Triforce Firmware that will allow to run games from any CF or SSD.


I've got to thank you once again
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So I'm just now looking into Chihiro and Triforce, is the reason the Type 3 Boards are so much cheaper, because they can only run Virtual Striker?
所以我现在正在研究 Chihiro 和 Triforce,是不是因为 Type 3 Boards 这么便宜,因为它们只能运行 Virtual Striker?
I think what you said is right. Also if you have the firmware can be sent to me
Sorry for reviving this thread, just wondering if anyone has had the following issue. I updated firmware succesfully, I can run via netboot any game (lan cable to computer with transfer game), I can write any game to the CF, but only MKGP2 runs fine, any other will game will get me Error 26 (via CF)
Just updated a Mario Kart to GP2 succesfully, but now trying to do some Fzero´s and having this issue.
Error 26 is bad keychip. You need one specific for network booting and another for SSD / CF booting
No that's only on Naomi. The netboot version should be ok for both on Chihiro and Triforce.