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Multi Boyz
Aug 21, 2016
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Boston, MA
This game is amazing but I just suck and don't like checkpoint games. Do you?
If not, download Lunar IPS and patch your Truxton2 tp024_1.bin rom. No more checkpoints! (ok ok there's still a checkpoint if you continue).
Probably works with the NewVersion hack if you like that one; haven't tried it but unless they did something odd with the protection this will only overwrite a very few bytes.

Have fun not checkpointing!
LMK if you encounter any issues

(oh and I might work on the continue-checkpoint too, later... we'll see)
Edit: Made another version that adds an internal timer before the actual continue countdown (and subsequent checkpoint): https://www.arcade-projects.com/threads/truxton2-no-checkpoint-patch.28932/#post-414846


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This one adds an internal counter of like 15 seconds before it kicks you to the actual continue screen (at which point you will start at the previous checkpoint). Seems like a happy medium. If you abandon controls your game will still end. But if you coin and press start within that internal timer, you'll continue right where you left off.


  • tp024_1_v2.zip
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Very cool, nice job! There are sooo many games that need this..Pulstar, Hellfire, Zero Wing etc etc..