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Jan 20, 2016
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Thanks to the efforts of other folks on these forums, you can now update a TTX3 mainboard with the B23 BIOS that will let you use any GPU with the board.

Here are some straightforward step-by-step instructions on how to update to this new BIOS. Understand that updating your TTX3 BIOS is done at your own risk.

What you'll need
  • TTX3 setup that's booting into Windows. These instructions assume you're using the Artax TTX3 Multi image.
  • USB Keyboard, Mouse, and a Flash Drive.
  • Computer capable of downloading a ZIP file and extracting the contents to a USB Flash Drive
Instructions - Part 1: Preparation
  • Download the linked ZIP file. It has the B23 BIOS and the Flash application.
  • Extract the contents of the ZIP file to a Flash Drive.
  • Boot up your TTX3. Connect the USB Keyboard, Mouse and Flash Drive with the BIOS files.
  • Launch Windows Explorer.
    • In the Artax Multi image, press the W and E keys on the keyboard to cycle through the categories in the game launcher. Go to the Utilities category all the way on the right. One of the options in Utilities is to Launch Windows Explorer. Use the arrow keys to highlight it, and press Enter twice to launch it.
  • Browse to the Flash Drive, and into the "TTX3 BIOS" folder.
Instructions - Part 2: Saving Off Your Current BIOS
  • Launch the "AFUWINGUIx64.EXE" application. The Flash tool should open to the following window:
  • Fill in the four checkboxes under the Block Options heading, and click the Save button.
  • Name the file "oldbios" and save it to your Flash Drive.
Instructions - Part 3: Flashing the New BIOS
  • Close the Flash tool, then relaunch it again.
    • If you don't close out the tool, it won't let you flash a new BIOS for some reason - the Flash button stays disabled after selecting the new BIOS file for flashing.
  • Click the Open button and select the "TTX3-1.0b23-092614.bin" file on your Flash Drive.
    • Switch the File Type drop-down at the bottom to All Files to have the file appear in the file selection window.
  • Fill in the four checkboxes under the Block Options heading, and the "Restart after Programming" option under the Miscellaneous heading.
    • IMPORTANT: Make sure none of the checkboxes under the "ME Firmware Block" heading are checked. Updating this firmware block isn't necessary and it's caused side-effects with some systems.
  • Click the Flash button.
  • You'll see a Progress screen appear and some of the blocks will progressively turn Green.
  • Once the flashing procedure finishes, the system should restart on its own. If it doesn't for some reason, close out the Flash application and restart the system manually.
    • If you see one or more Red blocks, the flash operation didn't complete for some reason - try repeating the flash procedure. You can also try flashing back the old BIOS that you saved off earlier if need be.
    • Don't restart the system if you experience Red blocks during the flash process or it may not boot again without desoldering the BIOS flash chip from the TTX3 PCB and soldering in a new one.
  • Enjoy an TTX3 system that will now accept any GPU.
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How do the games run? Will some run worse due to having a non-standard card?

Whats a good recommended card?
How do the games run? Will some run worse due to having a non-standard card?

Whats a good recommended card?

Anything stronger than a GTX 660 will give you improved performance on PC-based arcade games more demanding than the standard TTX3 specs. You'll want to use Nvidia cards though since many of the games are written with that card family in mind.

I installed a GTX 1650 myself since it fits in the stock TTX3 case with room to leave the Fast I/O ports and cooling fans intact.
Will this work with non-nvidia gpus? I have an rx 570 laying around; wonder if that would work lol
Will this work with non-nvidia gpus? I have an rx 570 laying around; wonder if that would work lol
Maybe, it’ll depend on the power draw of the card compared to the stock, but you’ll also have to install the video cards drivers. Then do what the readme for the multi says and add the 3 custom resolutions as well.
You can install an AMD card and install the drivers and it'll work, but the TTX games were originally written and optimized specifically for NVidia GPUs and will glitch or crash outright with AMD. Some of the games have received fan-made AMD patches, but you'd have to check on a game-by-game basis and apply the patches.
Cool; so it is possible; just exploring options to see if its worth updating bios (but it sounds like I will have too if I wanted to upgrade the nvidia gpu eventually)
hi guys, i am trying to update the bios of my X3 but it doesn't work :/
i made it step by step, but all the time bios look like flashed, X3 restart, and lock on black screen with bip .... if i cut electricity and put it again the X3 start.
the actual version is 2.13.1215 . i want to put in a GTX 760, my 660 is dead :/


i am uploading video of it i post link when it's done :)
yep you are right @Murray . sorry but i didn't know where to see it, and when i looked on another post here i see a guy that look with cpu-z. :rolleyes:

i looked with cpu-z now and the flash is ok. sorry again for my incompetence :unsure:
it's ok, i updated the graphics drivers (card was not recognize) and it's good :thumbup:, next test this evening : put in the vewlix ;) . thanks again.

I notice that you have to type the BIOS password every time you wish to enter the BIOS. It can't be disabled. Is it the same with the X3?

Not sure if the X4 can take nVidia cards other than the GTX960 (and perhaps the 1080 from densha de go), but I have a 1060 6GB floating around, so I might try at some stage