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Aug 23, 2016
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I bought an Vendetta PCB. The coin button 1 and 2 are blocked (red all the time). The seller wrote me:

"My technician told me that you can fix the board very easy, you don't need to solder anything. You have to put the game in test mode, then go to the control testing, and you have to touch it with a piece of cable GND to Coin 1 and coin 2 in the arrays a few times until change to off."

"With the board on, enter the menu, and go to the button test part, and with a piece of cable you have to touch the leg of coin 1 with GND and 5V until you see on the screen that COIN1 changed to OFF.
Repeat the same with COIN2. Once I change, exit the menu, turn it off and on. Before, check that the voltage is correct, you have to be at 5v, 5.2v at most, Konami boards are very sensitive, and this type of error can be generated for that."

Is this a safe method to solve this problem?


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Get youself a probe and check if those pins got transition from HI to LOW, by pressing coin buttons. If you don't see the change or the pin just got a low transition than the resistor array is gone
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Thx you both! Guess the "touch it with a piece of cable" thing is pretty useless.
Thx you both! Guess the "touch it with a piece of cable" thing is pretty useless.
Yeah it's just BS to sell.
If it was that easy they would have taken the 5mn they pretend it takes to fix it.