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Dec 13, 2022
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United Kingdom
Hey all, the place I work at is currently waiting on an order for two Vewlix cabs - I'm afraid I can't say what model they are until we get them in, but I wanted to ask a few questions ahead of time to prepare. I believe they're both just running tekken tag 2 boards at the moment, and my goal would be to boot multis on at least one. I was wondering, what would be the recommended frontend or multi etc to put in them (primarily for modern fighters like KOF15 or GG Xrd, but if possible some arcade/older console titles like CVS2 and such)? Also, since I'm pretty sure they're single controls per cab, is it possible to link them for multiplayer on those multis? I'm assuming it's pretty much just a LAN cable for modern stuff, but I couldn't think how an older game would handle it. Finally, is it possible to have them boot one game on startup, then have a specific button combo to return to the menu? I'd like staff to be able to change the title, but don't want customers to have access to the menu ideally. Thanks everyone, if anybody has any tips or resources to offer it'd be much appreciated :)
You're asking many questions which have many answers depending on what you want to end up with and what you are willing to invest time into or not.

There are many ways to go about a multi and there is a very nice multi that is perfect for the Vewlix (something about an X3, do a google search) however it will need to be modified to be used in a customer facing environment (not that it should be, it's pirated material!) and will require you to become well aquainted with how it all works :)

Linking cabs which are running multis is not a simple network the machines affair I'm afraid, it is designed more for 2P cabs and even then modern titles are 1P locked.

You'd have more luck using a PS4, hdmi splitter and a brook fighting board in each cab.
To be honest, getting to grips with the process and hardware is the main reason I want to install it in the first place lol, so the investment isn't an issue for me - these cabs won't be touched as-is but will eventually go to a private owner, like as not, so I mainly just wanted to know where to brush up on it out of my own interest (and in the event I can grab one myself). Shame about 2 players not being compatible on the multi, but I'll take a look at both those options and see if they're right for me. Thanks again :)
There's no reason why you couldn't mirror the video/audio to both cabs and then run the controls from the second cab to the P2 controls on the first cab using some custom looms with JST YL connectors.