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Oct 17, 2016
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Tampa, FL
Long shot but unfortunately for me when the pre-order opened I was dealing with Christmas stuff and now that things have settled and I have the cash it looks like it will be awhile until the order window opens again. Willing to trade for or buy a Retrotink-4k in the other persons favor just not willing to spend the $1700 it seems everyone on eBay wants. Have a selection of boards listed below and happy to do a combination of or add some cash on top of, whatever works.

  • Aero Fighters
  • Area 88
  • Black Tiger
  • Cyvern The Dragon Weapons - White Cart US release
  • Dogyunn
  • Final Fight
  • Haunted Castle
  • Kingdom Grand Prix
  • JJ Squawkers - Real, not a conversion or bootleg
  • Ninja Baseball Batman - Korean board, it can be difficult
  • Raiden Fighters 2
  • Rastan
  • Sengoku Aces
  • Sengoku Blade
  • Striker 1945 II
  • Strikers 1945
  • Tatsujin
  • Trigon
  • Typing of the Dead Naomi cart /w keyboard and oem adapter
  • V-V
  • Xexex

I have more and all sorts of other various things from my other hobbies if there are others things someone may be looking for.

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Wow, great list! I would have done it for that JJS if I already didn’t have one!

Do you have anything from my want list?


I have a couple of boards in your list, probably the one I have that I would be willing to let go is Mushihimesama Futari. It is Black Label but it is the odd Other Version, I have the art for it as well somewhere. Let me if it is something you would consider and maybe we can work something out.
If you have a sega teradrive htr-2200 and htr-2300 and / or sega divers 2000 cx-1 i can give u whatever u want on that list all in mint condition and with artwork.

Edit: I dont think i have typing of the dead keyboard though.

Edit: oh crap u looking for a retrotink 4k? Whatever that is?