Converting and restoring Konami M2 hardware - WIP

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    • Converting and restoring Konami M2 hardware - WIP

      Figured I'd leave this here, as it will be useful to someone in the future.

      It's the MOSTLY complete process of forcing non-target games to run on the Konami M2. Since each board is locked down either A) an EEPROM check of the game code or B) and EEPROM check of the game code AND an RTC chip, knowing how it gets done is important.

      It's a two part video. One shows my process, second shows me down converting the bios on the board (which was booting nothing when I received if as a repair project) and hex editing the ISO to get Tobe! Polystars booting on a Heat of Eleven 98 board.

      I still need to finish hacking out the RTC check but not 100% done on that yet

      Questions? Just lmk! Thoughts on how to remove the RTC? Also lmk
    • I recently picked up 2 non-working M2 board sets. One is a Total Vice (639 EA D01), the other is Hell Night (810 EA A02).
      They seem to be complete but both have the same issue in that after the screen with the color bars and copyright on the bottom the disc drive spins up and then the screen goes black. after a minute the disc drive spins back down and that's it, they just sit there.

      I tried inserting the disc during the splash screen but that doesn't seem to make a difference.
      I tried holding down the test button but that doesn't seem to make a difference.

      I also tried stealing the working disc drive out of my Konami 573 board and that didn't make a difference either.

      I did notice that with a 573 disc in the drive it will go into a boot loop where it shows the splash screen spins up, goes black, then returns to the splash screen and repeats, this seems to be the expected behavior for a "bad disc".

      my initial thought was either a bad drive or a bad RTC but from your videos it seems it should tell me the RTC is bad if that were the case.

      Any idea why I never get to the eeprom check screen? Or any other troubleshooting suggestions?
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    • rolins wrote:

      I had this same issue with my Total Vice (639 AA C01). Where after the inital boot screen, everything go black, but you can hear the cd-rom spin continuously. I figured out my game only runs in 24Khz and you need to set DIPSW2 to ON = 24Khz instead OFF = 15Khz. Then the game will boot.
      Yeah Total Vice and Evil Night have medium resolution variants. I’ve been looking for the flags in hex to convert these versions to SD for people with only SD monitors, but I haven’t put much time into it as you can just hex edit a SD version to run on the Medium res boards. So I’ve already accomplished the task, but in one direction vs both