What monitor to buy?

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    • I say hold out for the L5 series PVM/BVM, if your really going glass tube you want perfection.

      They accept RGBs, Component, Svideo and @ 15-45khz (aka 240p-1080p).

      GameCube/PS2/Xbox via component cable on L5 is stunning!
      Darksoft: CPS3, CPS2, F3, MVS
      RGB: RECO v2, HAS v3
      invzim: Jammafier v1.6b
      XianXi: JNX Raiden, SC Taito Classic, SC Sega System 16/24
      Frank_fjs: JAMMA Extender (Special Edition)
    • SmokeMonster wrote:

      Here's an eBay search for PVM's near Houston that you might want to watch for a few months. This Sony in particular looks great, but is overpriced. Maybe they'd take low offers if you pay in cash at pickup?

      Thank you for the links! I am really looking for a larger monitor. I like retro console gaming and I have a few modded to display rgb via scart. I even have a scart to BNC breakout cable...I just need my NEC monitor... or a Mitsubishi Megaview! Haha. I've been playing with a framemeister, but it just doesn't give me that full nostalgic feel only a CRT can do. About a year ago I narrowly missed out on a NEC xp37 Xtra, that was all the way out in Michigan if I remember correctly. The guy who purchased it even has some YouTube clips of it.
    • The L5 is very good but it is only 20". To my eyes the NEC vs Toshiba Megaviw.. The Toshiba wins in color and sharpness.. The NEC will give you the nostalgic look.. Stay out of the 1000 lines BVM if you want nostalgic. My understand from the ShMUMPs member is that for PS2 you want RGB scart cables.. But honestly I have used both scart and component and I can not tell the difference.. Shipping one of those 37" beast, you are looking at pallet and around $450.. The kicker, chances are that it will not survive the trip and most like you will have to arrange shipping, then deal with a claim. If you do decide on getting one and shipping, look at the Group buy Viewlix tread by Jassin.. I posted the info of a shipping company, they subcontract with STI.. They will pick up the unit for you.
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    • darksofter wrote:

      It's so cool to read about all your responses. I feel a little intimidated by the plethora of monitors a lot of you guys own. Right now it all seems that patience is the key. Thus I would be very glad if someone in this community could help me acquire my first PVM.
      Yes, patience is key. I bought a BVM20G1U last year for a great price and now, it seems like the prices have rocketed up from then. ;( Still hoping to get a BVM20F1U for a price I can afford! :|
      Good luck on your quest for a PVM! :thumbsup: They seem alot easier to get than the BVMs for obvious reasons!