1. Snips

    Rhythm Tengoku Monitor kHz

    Hi, I'm new to the arcade scene, and I'll be getting my hands on a Rhythm Tengoku cabinet. Does anyone know the kHz of the monitor that it comes with? To my understanding, most Japanese Naomi Universal cabs are capable of 15Khz/24Khz/31Khz frequencies. I'm trying to find out because I'm...
  2. Scillianaire

    MS-9 horizontal collapsing and geometry issues

    Got a cab with an MS9 recently and the monitor seemed DOA. Took it to PNL and they got it back online but now it doesn’t maintain geometry and if you push the image right on the remote board it starts to collapse on its self -the displayed image is noticeably crushed/ more narrow to that side...
  3. Nomax

    [Group buy] New Vewlix monitor upgrade kits

    The second group buy of official Taito Vewlix replacement monitor kits has started! This official drop-in monitor upgrade for Taito Vewlix offers a fast response time, low lag display at 1080p resolution with vivid colours. It has better performance than the stock Vewlix DIA Black monitor...
  4. 303george

    Electrohome g07 monitor help

    Hello! I'm wondering if anyone can give me some pointers on a few issues I'm having with this monitor. * I have some horizontal pinstripes (monitor is in vertical orientation in a centipede cabinet so they appear vertical on the screen but in actuality I think they'd be considered horizontal)...
  5. Sir_Kit Jumper

    Vewlix monitor frame

    Good day everyone, I just received my Vewlix FC, but don't have the black frame for the monitor. I'm planning on installing a universal mounting bracket from Hadouken arcade, but can't really mount it without the black frame for the monitor itself! Has anyone else purchased a Vewlix without...
  6. karoshi

    Toshiba PF D29C051 - Recap resulted in failure

    Hi there. I've recapped one of my New Net City Toshiba PF D29C051 in an effort to improve minor geometry issues, however, I seem to have damaged or broken something. I'm hoping some of your guidance can help me narrow down the culprit. Post recap, the picture was bouncing around like crazy...
  7. invzim

    Naomi SYNC levels

    Hi, my upscaler thingy aims to be as compatible with naomi setups as possible. Do anyone here have a scope and a Naomi handy, and can check if hsync/vsync is TTL/5V? Would do it myself, but away from my toys for a few more weeks.
  8. darksofter

    What monitor to buy?

    Hello everyone, I have a micomsoft xrgb mini framemeister and I was very happy because it promised what it was suppose to do. After being on a retro convention and seeing those PVMs and BVMs, I know I want these professional monitors. Still, what type of monitor is suitable for me? Arcade CRT...