Pinned replacing scsi cd-rom drive with scsi sd card adapter?

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    • Look at Jasens instructions closely. For the 2 screws that hold the scsi2sd board it says 1”. Maybe they should be 1/2”? Anyway he includes 2 1” in the kit and I didn’t see another use for them.

      I picked up some 1/2” screws at Home Depot. Gonna give that a shot. Really what I have is fine, nothing touches. I also bought some pretty sweet capcom stickers and wanted to slap one on this thing but I can’t seem to find them.

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    • jassin000 wrote:

      I said that on page 8... ;)
      Finally, yes the SuperBIOS region select is jumpy AF... That's just how its coded, DS would need to fix his code to correct it and no one really sees this as a good use of his time (after all it works).
      Funny thing about that Region select... It's jumpy when connected to serial. When I use my in-line Undamned USB encoders, I can select each region individually with a standard PS4 fight stick. It's wonky AF... Thought I'd mention that :)
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    • jassin000 wrote:

      Also WinHex is a hex editor, sure it works for this purpose but its not what I would call a "recommended method" for writing images.
      That's why no one mentioned the "physical disc" setting (the majority of people didn't use it).
      It's the only software I recommend. If you are doing any arcade repairs, setups etc. it can do everything you need to with arcade files, definitely more than "just a hex editor". I use it multiple times a day for various things.
    • Mitsurugi-w wrote:

      If you are doing any arcade repairs, setups etc. it can do everything you need to with arcade files
      So this statement brings me to part two of why no one mentioned the "physical disc" setting...
      Pros who are well versed in WinHex already knew to use the "physical disc" option and didn't feel the need to mention it. ;)
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    • Follow up on the case. I got some 1/2” screws and that works. 5/8” would prob be best because with 1/2” I could only thread the nuts a bit, but it seems fine. I also found my sticker which is a good fit for this case, I got blue and red, went with the red
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