Deco Multigame - Installation and Troubleshooting

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    • Deco Multigame - Installation and Troubleshooting

      Hello everyone,

      if you got your deco Multigame and want to know how to install it. This is the place to go!

      It's very important that whenever possible you try to test first if your deco is working properly. These sets are very old and may have some problems, so it's good to know if problems come form your setup or maybe the multi.

      Notice that the multi is still not 100% ready and may have some bugs.


      you basically just need to do 2 things:

      1) Put the multigame PCB in the slot where the dongle would usually go.
      2) Replace the BIOS with the one supplied by us. Note where the notch is on the old bios eprom before replacing it.

      There are 2 types of Deco revisions so find out first which one you have. Some have the PCBs names ending in -3 and some in -8.

      TYPE -3
      For the ones ending with -3, you'll need to remove the 2 old bios Eproms. They are on the DSP3 board and are labeled p0 and p1. The bios chip installes in place of p1. P1 is the one that's more towards the center of the board.

      TYPE -8
      In the -8 version install on the board labled RMS8. The bios is below dip switch 1.

      3) You can leave the tape deck but I recommend to unplug it.

      Our kit can also run the old Widels eproms that are available from MAME or you can get them from attachment in this post.

      You can reprogram the BIOS and the EPROM of the kit if you need to see if the problem is coming from your setup or from our kit.

      Please post any questions or trouble you may have.

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