Virtua Cop 3 : Error 11

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    • Virtua Cop 3 : Error 11


      i recently bought a virtua cop 3 deluxe machine and it's now working fine but...

      If i try another game (via netboot or via GDrom), the game loads well, and right after seeing the sega logo, i get a black screen with : Error 11: JVS I/O board is not connected to main board.

      Source Code

      1. [CAUSE] (1) I/O BOARD is not connected. (2) Unreliable connection between MAIN BOARD and I/O BOARD.
      2. [COUNTERMEASURES] (1) Connect the I/O BOARD to the MAIN BOARD. Verify that the power cable is connected to I/O BOARD. (2) Reconnect or replace the USB CABLE that connects the I/O BOARD to the MAIN BOAR

      But... if i enter the test menu of the game (for example Ghost Squad) and i go in "input test" : all inputs are working great (trigger, gun, start... all)

      I have changed (to see if results differ) the 2 I/O boards (main and gun), the USB cable (to be sure)...

      I start to think that is maybe a mobo problem or RAM... i don't know...

      In a desperate move, i've tried to netboot Cray Taxi and no problem, the game is launched... of course i can't play or start a game :/
      But Ghost Squad, Hotd3 don't pass the error 11... only virtua cop 3 is working fine...

      Thanks for any input !!

      have a nice day