New Generation Metal Shell For Dreamcast

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      hursit wrote:

      I dont have the MODE hardware now and i couldnt test it. But it looks lik MODE will not fit into my case because of the my power switch. When i have started to this projects, MODE wasnt exist . I havent test it with my PSU

      I can totally tell you my PSU better than DreamPSU. That PSU has problems.
      I didnt test about RE-painting actually. But it looks like you can do it


      Thanks for answering those questions. It’s tricky eyeballing the MODE publicity images versus your images and trying to work out if anything conflicts. Perhaps I’d buy it and just use it with GDEMU if the MODE doesn’t fit when it arrives. I understand it wasn’t a thing when you designed the case. Maybe a toggle switch could be used in the disc change button hole or enlarge that hole to accept existing power switch If using MODE since that will not be needed in this scenario.

      I don’t suppose you have any unpainted plastic pieces that you’d be prepared to substitute on request so I could paint safely? I don’t really want to have to try and remove the paint or worry it’ll react if I paint over the top.

      glad to hear you’ve put more thought into your power supply than DreamPSU. If it still supplies 12v I would think it would have enough to power MODE in different configurations (still not a lot known about MODE from a technical perspective).

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