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    Namco 2X6-Pi Multi Selector

    Indeed, there is still a final version of the sys2x6_host software for Raspbian to come.
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    You could take the time to read about what the IDE Simulator was originally designed for, and that it wasnt originally intended for the SYS2X6. Or the fact the new version has what you're complaining about it not having. Instead you're just complaining about a product you have no intention to...
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    SYS2X6 USB Dongles are in stock and ready to ship. The dongle is compatible with the IDE Simulator which you can read more about here "ATAPI/IDE ODE Testing" and purchase from electric_monks' Online Store
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    Namco System 256 Multi Build?

    Given that I have been waiting for the IDE Simulator to come back into stock, and that only happened today; No, there are no updates for you today.
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Because you don't meet the minimum requirements (ie; post count)
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    Secondary memory card requirements (Soul Caliber 2 etc).

    There has been a lot of new information recently learned about System 246/256 so in the future we may be able to solve the mystery of the secondary save game memory card.
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    Nintendo Super System Arcade restoration

    There was a NSS PCB posted on the "Nintendo Arcade Collectors" facebook group today, and there was a reply to it that someone has a set of controllers for sale too.
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    SRAM supplier for backup RAM In stock, min order qty = 1
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    Namco System 246 emulation on PCSX2

    This is my understanding as the blocker to emulating 246, that the private keys are almost unobtanium at this point in time.
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    Seta Aleck jamma board to Nintendo 64

    That is what I have been working on, a flash cartridge that will support all Aleck64 games (and n64 games if you chose to flash them). I made a cartridge adapter just like you're wanting to do 4-5 years ago now but figured nobody would be interested in that. You are correct that each game has...
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    Seta Aleck jamma board to Nintendo 64

    Yes, that is correct.
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    Seta Aleck jamma board to Nintendo 64

    Yes, but requires significant changes. The 5101, bootloader, and checksum is not the same algorithm as all the retail variants. I have attached the pinout for the basic n64 functionality, which has all the same pins as the retail n64 cart (except 12v and audio). What the rest of the pinout...
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    The user has to be active within the past 6 months in order to be mentioned.
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    Switching forum software to XenForo

    Correct, once all participants leave it is gone forever.