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    [FS] Neo Geo MVS MV1FZ - MVS Carts - Terraonion NeoSD MVS

    Just a reminder that price policing is against the rules. Users have been giving warnings on their accounts and posts deleted.
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    Interest Check: N64 Cartridge adapter for Seta Aleck 64

    Yes it does. We will need to verify the cut out in your 3d printed shell design matches the connector on the adapter.
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    Interest Check: N64 Cartridge adapter for Seta Aleck 64

    Shipped some off to @twistedsymphony and @TheDeath earlier today :) Adapter plugs into Aleck64 mobo, insert N64 cart with label facing up, that's it. Edge connector is gold plated and beveled for easy insertion. $50 + shipping I have 3 left right now. Got lots of pcbs, but waiting on more...
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Just an update that dongles are in stock as I've got a few pm's this week asking. Updated first post with today's date that they are in stock too :)
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    Noob 246 power question.

    I like to check the voltage on the molex plug for the dvd drive while its connected. Check both 5v and 12v to see if they are under. It also not uncommon for the ide ribbon cable to be bad.
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    Using spinner to play NG/JAMMA games

    Spinner adapters are available. The adapter is designed for use with quadrature type spinners (like what was used originally with Arkanoid), to allow a spinner to be used with a joystick based game (like Puzzle Bobble).
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    The Retro Mac Thread

    Last year I picked up a Performa 575 (Macintosh LC575) complete in the box... I put it into storage and still haven't even checked it out =O It was an impulse buy at an estate sale
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    EPROM & TL86 Plus Burning Service List

    There are no new software updates since the version I posted. You need to have a non-free baidu account to access the 'official' resources, which includes having a chinese phone number.
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    System 16 schematics?
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    No, you have to boot it with some form of media, otherwise video output is disabled
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    SYS2X6 USB Dongle -- System 246/256 Multi

    Every System 246/256 arcade system games requires two components: 1.) Dongle (SYS2X6 USB Dongle) 2.) Media (CD-R/DVD-R/HDD) Here is a list of games and the media and possible i/o board that is needed: Optionally, you can buy two more...
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    BrezzaSoft Crystal of the kings

    I could build some BCS Multi carts to order if anyone wanted one. I have most of the parts in stock, the few I don't have look like they could be ordered as needed too.
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    Naomi Diagnostic ROM

    @DragonMinded would you like me to delete all the off topic bullshit derailing your post? It really pains me when this happens.
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    Midway Wolf conversions

    Yeah, it is a Code 39 barcode. The first 3 digits is the 'game id' followed by 6 digits which is the serial number. The asterisk as prefix/suffix are like the start/stop code for the Code 39 algorithm.
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    Vote: What style M92 Multi would you buy?

    It would take 51 x 27c322, due to the bus layout Any way you slice it, eeprom or flash, 5v or 3.3v memory, fpga/cpld programmable logic is required. Correct. Yup, along with 28 x 8bit bus translators + logic to control bank selection How do you assert bus control to program the 5...