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  1. Kretinou

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 16B Multi Sales, Installation and Support

    Wot? Does this converter really exist ? Need one !
  2. Kretinou

    Axun Workshop - JVS / JAMMA Control-Box(CBOX) SuperGun

    I had the same green screen. I think my rgb scart was not good connected.
  3. Kretinou

    iq_132's Neo Geo ports

    Amazing work !
  4. Kretinou

    Chewlix : gender reassignment

  5. Kretinou

    Aero City rescue

    I'm thinking to put the same layout switches as in my Capcom cute:
  6. Kretinou

    Aero City rescue

    It's a standard pot 1Kohm 🙂
  7. Kretinou

    Aero City rescue

    More pictures than words ...
  8. Kretinou

    Vewlix F General mods

    I used a classic white light led ribbon: And a 12V remote control system (8 types blinking modes & 3 modes of brightness :25%, 50% or 100%. Wired ...
  9. Kretinou

    Vewlix F General mods

    Pimp my cab
  10. Kretinou

    Hello from Switzerland

    Thank you :)
  11. Kretinou

    Hello from Switzerland

    Hi everyone, Let me make this my official introduction post and tell you a little bit about myself. I have always been a computer/console gamer, but only in the beginning of the 90's did I really start focusing on arcade gaming. It started when I got a Neo Geo home console and some great...