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  1. fatmikerocks

    Interest Check: Pre-made upgraded 161-in-1 multicarts - All spots filled - 11/13 : WAITLIST

    Hi, I’m interested in a MVS cart if there’s a chance of getting one in the future. Thanks!
  2. fatmikerocks

    Positive Feedback for H-Games

    I had an excellent transaction with @H-Games for a SNK MVS-U2 cabinet. Very friendly and excellent communication. @H-Games provided plenty of pictures and video of the cab. He also took the time to make sure the cabinet was wrapped and blanketed for shipping. Made himself available for CRST to...
  3. fatmikerocks

    FS High Quality Convergence Strips for your Tubes

    Hi- I’d like to purchase a 20 pack please. Thanks!
  4. fatmikerocks

    FOUND Sony PVM

    If you are in New York I’d keep an eye on Craigslist for NYC. There have got to be a few still kicking around in media studios there. Once saw an ad for a free PVM 2030 with the address of the curb it was left on.
  5. fatmikerocks

    Positive feedback for AlxUnderBase

    Purchased a coin mech and received it very quickly and safely packaged. Excellent communication and friendly service. Thanks Alex for a great transaction.
  6. fatmikerocks

    Sony PVM 3230

    That’s awesome! I’ve never seen a 3230 before. The 2530 is heavy so I can only imagine what that thing weighs.
  7. fatmikerocks

    Sony PVM replacement bezel

    Maybe find another monitor and keep as a backup after swapping the bezel. It’s a bummer that happened but at least you received a refund. It seems like this happens to all the PVMs that get shipped in a box.
  8. fatmikerocks

    WTB Insurrection GameCube component cable

    @raynex @astro_zombie138 thanks for the recommendation on the Prism cables. It’s good to know they are quality.
  9. fatmikerocks

    WTB Insurrection GameCube component cable

    Ok cool thanks I appreciate the offer but I’ll have to keep looking. That’s funny most people just think my name is Mike.
  10. fatmikerocks

    WTB Insurrection GameCube component cable

    Hey thanks for the offer, I appreciate it. Does the Carby output component if you use the Wii component cables? I’m trying to get 480p on a pvm. I like the handle too, I’m a huge Misfits fan.
  11. fatmikerocks

    WTB Insurrection GameCube component cable

    Hi- Just wondering if anyone has an Insurrection Industries component cable for GameCube that they’d be interested in selling. Thanks!
  12. fatmikerocks


    A skim coat of Bondo body filler would probably work too.
  13. fatmikerocks

    FS FS/T: Sony bvm-d24e1wu w/ controller

    Nice monitor! I was offered one at a Media House in Nyc once. It was this or the 32 but I was concerned my old car wouldn’t be able to handle it with the 2 20 inch monitors I was buying!
  14. fatmikerocks

    WTB Searching for Japanese Candy Cab

    I would head over to the Arcade Otaku forums and keep your eyes out for a few weeks. Always see lots of great cabs for sale but in the UK and Europe.
  15. fatmikerocks

    Long time lurker, first time poster! Can anyone recommend me a good supergun to start out with?

    Hi welcome! Maybe check yahoo Japan for a Vega 9000dx. I bought one awhile back for the control panel and seems to be a quality build. Shipping cost was a bit rough though!
  16. fatmikerocks

    SOLD Astro, Pony, Blast, Tempest MORE! Cabs in Bay Area California

    If this is what you’re getting rid of you must have some nice cabs that you’re keeping!
  17. fatmikerocks

    SOLD NEC XM29 with Remote

    Thanks @BanishingFlatsAC! It was nice meeting you too.
  18. fatmikerocks

    The history of Strider

    Nice work! I enjoyed the video and the humor.
  19. fatmikerocks

    Poor man's Candy Cab?

    My first setup was an arcade monitor on a tv stand, a dell pc, arcade vga with amp and 2 Qanba Q4 controllers. It was pretty great to lounge on the futon and get into some games.