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  1. hyp36rmax

    Reverse engineering 161 in 1 cartridge to change Rom games

    This thread has brought me back for some NEO GEO! Awesome news here.
  2. hyp36rmax

    Virtua Stick High Grade Panel for Astro City Mini Arcade Stick

    It’s going to take a while. Long game for sure. This initial project took over a year just on our schedules developing measurements that could work. Now that Alberto has the measurements he’ll come through for sure. Trust. Ping for an update.
  3. hyp36rmax

    Virtua Stick High Grade Panel for Astro City Mini Arcade Stick

    Do you have a concept of this that you can draw out? Will def help. The challenge with adding additional 24mm buttons on the top row where “Coin” and “Start” are located has limited space within the chassis cavity. Perhaps I’m not understanding unless you’re considering doing a hit box...
  4. hyp36rmax

    Dreamcast - Naomi Capcom Panel Official Interest Check

    Dropping hot on 420! Thank you @hursit !!! This will rock on my Blast City <3
  5. hyp36rmax

    Custom Virtual-On panel ( Oct. 15th 2022 updated )

    Sanwa commercial sticks have much more tension than the Tanita Sanwa sticks. Sanwa sells higher tension springs if want to change the feel. I imagine you can make it feel very similar.
  6. hyp36rmax

    System 2X6 Collection

    Oh this is neat! Thank you!
  7. hyp36rmax

    FS Harnesses and other adapters by Lemony Vengeance

    Thank you to @Lemony Vengeance for Blast City Virtual On TwinStick Sanwa (JLV2-GF2-F0) Harness and Adapter for a Brook UFB. These requested adapters connect to the included wiring harness of the Sanwa sticks for directional and triggers. Stick compatiblity: Blast City Adapter: Brook UFB...
  8. hyp36rmax

    Custom Virtual-On panel ( Oct. 15th 2022 updated )

    Another update! Secured adapters from @Lemony Vengeance to connect the pack-in connectors of the Sanwa JLV-GF2 Sticks to a Brook UFB and Blast City.
  9. hyp36rmax

    Blast City Kick Harness Connections

    Helpful thread! Thanks!!
  10. hyp36rmax

    Naomi 2 HDMI

    We just purchased the DC kit and hoping to secure the Naomi flex and mount next month.
  11. hyp36rmax

    Naomi 2 HDMI

    That's exactly what I had in mind too! haha. Makes it sooo much easier
  12. hyp36rmax

    Naomi 2 HDMI

    if only the flex and mount ws ready day one, its cool though. This is exciting!
  13. hyp36rmax

    Naomi 2 HDMI

    Sooooo ready!
  14. hyp36rmax

    Request for Axunworks to reach back to customers

    Happy to see everyone getting their gear. Hopefully sentiments and expectations start to shift towards the positive. Just know it's going to be a waiting game, and it's well worth it. If you have hardware issues they typically get resolved as well.
  15. hyp36rmax

    Egret 2: Illumination Panel Repros?

    Oh hell yea i'm in! I've had conversations with Barry of Arcade Art Repro on this very topic. It's possible, large initial investment is required. I was happy to help where I could. @joeks .
  16. hyp36rmax

    Naomi 2 HDMI

    day 1 brothers and sisters! Day 1!
  17. hyp36rmax

    Virtua Stick High Grade Panel for Astro City Mini Arcade Stick

    Northside of the panel is different. VSHG has a Button box underneath for PS, SELECT, L2, R2. Now that Alberto has the panel dimensions and layout he could most likely modify the panel to accommodate VSHG. I have plans to add a no cut mod Brook UFB into a VSHG. Sharing soon.
  18. hyp36rmax

    FS Repro / Custom panels for various Japan cabinets

    Sanwa JLF+OTTO V5+Stainless Steel core+ExGroove QD Shaft+ Sanwa Battop