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  1. pacoarcade

    SOLD Super Famicom 1CHIP + accessories (EU only)

    Discount to 90€ shipping to EU included via Mondial Relay.
  2. pacoarcade

    SOLD Super Famicom 1CHIP + accessories (EU only)

    Case doesn't correspond! It's a japanese Super Famicom 1CHIP board into the case of another Super Famicom. The board has been recapped BEFORE old capacitors started to leak. New capacitors are Through-hole Rubycon bought from Mouser. This sale includes: Recapped 1CHIP board inside of a Super...
  3. pacoarcade

    Hello from Spain!

  4. pacoarcade

    Martin Jones Sync Pulse Generator: A Layman in Need of Help with a Schematic

    I've just compiled latest version (1.2.3) from new Kicad 6.0.6. Since I've not ordered this specific file please consider it experimental (it should work anyway).
  5. pacoarcade

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    I'd avoid buying ICs in eBay / Aliexpress to avoid getting non-original ICs. Digikey and Mouser are reputable sellers.
  6. pacoarcade

    Minigun Supergun - An Open Source Supergun

    Probably the THS7374 is fried. I'd replace it and try again.
  7. pacoarcade

    pcb cad

    If I understood correctly you have to create a footprint. Anyway, if you look for the 56P Edge Connector, some time ago I shared some kicad footprints that may be what you are looking for:
  8. pacoarcade

    Anyone using a CMVS-RGB pcb for MVS SCART/RGB?

    Hi, if you want a Picogun feel free to contact me via PM. I can assemble some of them for 20€ each or 50€ x3 plus shipping to Europe (payment via SEPA transfer). I can also sell bare PCBs for a cheaper price if you prefer to assemble them yourself. Gerbers are no longer available, only the...
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    Hello, everyone. I'm from China.

  10. pacoarcade

    New Here

    Welcome to Arcade paradise!
  11. pacoarcade

    Need help programming JEDEC EPROMs

    I have adapters available but payment is only available via SEPA transfer (european union). Gerbers are freely available:
  12. pacoarcade

    Hey (hola) to everyone from Spain!

    Welcome! ¡Bienvenido!
  13. pacoarcade

    MiSTer FPGA

    Great job! Those mini arduino can be found in Mini USB version too. The micro version is really fragile, I broke one recently :S
  14. pacoarcade

    Picogun video buffer

    Hey, sorry but dunno why I missed this message. If there is interest I could order pcbs and assemble some units at 20€ + shipping (to Europe). Payment via SEPA transfer.
  15. pacoarcade

    APOCALYPSE Sega System 16B Multi Sales, Installation and Support

    @macck, did you check for cold solder joints? resoldering them fixed a problem in this board:
  16. pacoarcade

    WTB CAVE ESP Ra.De **pending**

    No twitter activity since 21th October 2021:
  17. pacoarcade

    Pepin, from France

    Welcome to the arcade paradise!
  18. pacoarcade

    MiSTer FPGA

    Thanks for the information. In order to upload the compiled .hex I used USBAsp programmer and avrdude this way (via ICSP in UNIX): avrdude -c usbasp -p m32u4 -U flash:w:DaemonBiteArcadeEncoder.ino.with_bootloader.leonardo.hex This method worked fine for Daemonbite Saturn controller.
  19. pacoarcade

    MiSTer FPGA

    I made this adapter to connect Arthrimus controllers to MickGyver's Daemonbite Arcade Encoder to get advantage of the comfortable autofire but I had no success... there should be a problem with the Pro Micro programming because I can't make it register button presses with a dumb arcade...